Thursday, April 07, 2005

Study : Kids Who Watch TV More Likely to Bully - Study : Kids who watch TV more likely to bully - Apr 5, 2005

This study complements one published in 2001 by Stanford University that demonstrated the direct link between television viewing and violent or aggressive behavior--without regard to the content of the television programming.

This dovetails neatly with a 2003 study by the Kaiser Family Foundation that showed that more and more really little kids--infants through school-aged--are spending increasing amounts of time receiving mediated messages through mass entertainments: TV, DVDs, CDs, videotapes, video games, etc.

And we wonder why our society is becoming more violent.

Coming soon: empirical evidence that watching FOX News Channel causes profound STUPIDITY.

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Kogepan said...

Who needs evidence when you can simply block-out FOX News?