Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Iraq: Civilian Death Toll Surpasses 20,000

Americans are worried about the lives of their soldiers, but who is worrying about the death of thousands of Iraqis?

Not the mainstream U.S. media.

This is an important issue, and one the United States would like to keep hidden away in Pandora's Box. But the box is open, now, as more alternative outlets research and report on what could be said to be genocide of the Iraqi people: More than 20,000 civilians have been killed by the United States under the guise of fighting terrorism.

And if the Bush administration thinks this is good will, that we are "saving Iraqis" from the hands of terrorists and that the United States is well-loved across the globe, well then, our president is on crack...or is cocaine his drug of choice?

Either way, kudos to the U.S. media who shelter its viewership from the costs of war. Ignorance is bliss and allows governments to push its mandates while its citizens blindly follow and innocents die around the world.

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