Monday, April 11, 2005

IN THE DARK Welcomes New Team Members

In an effort to offer more consistency in daily postings, as well as to give broader coverage to stories that, for most Americans, remain IN THE DARK, I've invited three young people to join me as members of this blog. All three are graduate students in the School of Communication at Roosevelt University in Chicago, and all three are members of my Alternative Media class, working on their own blogs. Their intelligent insights are refreshing in an age of mass propaganda and, while I can't promise you that they'll always be "right" about their observations, I can vouch for the fact that they are thinkers and questioners who won't take any "official story" at face value.

Please join me in welcoming Publisher, Matt, and SkeetsV.


Anonymous said...

Are you playing favorites?!

Dr. Fallon said...

No. In fact there are several other blogs in this class that I think are really outstanding. I could offer examples but I won't for the same reason that "anonymous" asked the question: I don't want to single anyone out as "favorite" and I don't want to single anyone out as "less than favorite." If there is any one reason why these three bloggers have joined as members of IN THE DARK it is because their blog's themes were consistent with IN THE DARK's theme of looking at under-reported stories.

It's that simple.

Don't look for "favorites."